Letra da Música

Love 'em and leave 'em
Give them the air
Hurt and deceive them
Say you don't care
Break their hearts
And let them fall like rain
On your back stairs
And call me up tomorrow
You know I'll still be there

When the moon disappears forever
And the sun shines electric blue
And the mountains and trees
Tumble into the sea
To rest there for eternity
No matter what you do
I will still love you

So if all your bridges
Go up in flames
And if all your lovers
Strike you to tame
Or some sad song of love
You hear can make you
Call my name
I will be there in a minute
And you know I'll feel the same


So the weary traveler
Tired of passing through
Stops to get his bearings
And stays on to wait for you


I will still love you